Universal Windows Platform

Universal Windows Platform

With Windows 10 powering over 90% of the modern PC market, a large number of businesses look to expand their online outlook towards the Windows demographic. Whether you are looking to build for the creator market, the everyday user or are an organization looking to expand, we make sure your deliverables launch and work smoothly across all Windows platforms.

A Unified Product Across Everything Windows

Partnering with us enables you to deliver your products and services across all the Windows implementations: whether it be application delivery on PC, the Surface Hub, the X-box environment, Mixed-Reality environments leveraging HoloLens, or powering IoT-enabled devices.

Empowering the Present

Looking to the Future

At SupraES, we believe that execution for the present is a vital stepstone towards planning for the future which is why we possess a strong culture prepped to deliver a futuristic vision to our clients.

Our progressive thinking has given birth to our no-stone-unturned approach towards leveraging rapid progressions in the modern technology market to build IoT and mixed reality products in our state-of-the-art UWP portfolio.

UWP with SupraES for IoT

With developmental origins in C, UWP makes a perfect fit for businesses with a future-proof approach towards deploying Windows applications and services across smart devices. This includes coherent usability and deployment of your applications across smartwatches, tablets, 2-in-1s, and other mobile platforms.

UWP with SupraES for Mixed Reality

With a consolidated presence in the PC market, the Uniform Windows Platform is being fast cultivated towards a broader consumer-based approach.