Transport/ logistics

As we step into the new millennium, the exponential growth of IoT, better internet speeds, and larger areas of spread ensure an era of aggressive connectivity. Orthodox ways of communication and transport continue to be reimagined by the rapid growth in modern technology.

Creating an agile business with smooth internal and external operations remains a logistic challenge for small and big businesses alike as they look to expand their digital reach. Integration of trains of information, easing constrictions, and efficient management of flow of things from their conception to destination, whether it be material or service, involves getting down and dirty with the workflow in an organization.

This is where our experience and futuristic view in implementing transport and logistic solutions comes in. Industry standard with powerful IoT-enabled services elevate us to a position to cater to businesses of all sizes. We understand the needs of cash-crunched businesses and administer powerful optimized solutions for your organization as you look to improve your end-to-end workflow design.

Supra in Transport and Logistics

Imagine driverless cars, powerful cloud infrastructures to ease up transportation bottlenecks, and a blithering rate of information exchange thanks to IoT operating on the forthcoming 5G. At Supra, we believe in realizing these exciting opportunities for expansion in concrete forms for our clients while inculcating imagination and hard work to provide a seamless service. We remain with our clients every step of the way to ensure you get the top-notch service we take pride in ourselves for.

Supra remains at the forefront of helping clients revamp their transport and logistics infrastructure into a more modern outlook. Whether it’s setting up of new grounds for a growing business or digitizing the logistic network of an established player, we at Supra make sure your business stays ahead while providing quality after-service support at economical costs.

Powerful managed IT services

Our ready IT infrastructure has been a fundamental strongpoint in supporting many services and support our future-driven growth. Especially in providing transports and logistics solutions, our network leverages its vast expanse to ensure constant connectivity remains provided through out a transport route.


FleetGain is Supra’s transport and logistic SaaS offering. We help in summarizing and improving operational efficiency to ensure our clients save time and money so you can put it into actually driving forward your business. We take pride in our system’s extreme reliability, deep networks, and efficiency which have made it one of the leading transports and logistic SaaS platforms in North America already.

Solutions Services


We participate in knowledge and technology transfers to promote the resource use.

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