Selenium is an automated modern open source platform which enables parallel testing of your browser-based applications across operating systems. It is a powerful tool for ensuring your online systems remain up and running in the face of overloads and to ensure an overall smooth running of your web applications.

The open source Selenium suite consists of primarily 4 pillars which prop up its framework: Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Selenium WebDriver and the Selenium Remote Control (RC). The latter two have been merged to develop a more coherent testing software that possesses stronger and more diverse implementations than its previous editions.

At Supra, we understand the needs of the modern customer. In this phase of rapid worldwide digitization, a strong online presence is an essential growth factor for small to mid-size businesses. While this can be brought about in a multitude of factors, a secure and speedy platform for testing out your web applications is a vital part of consolidating your business’ online personality.

We enable a variety of test environments to be set up using Selenium: performance testing, resolving compatibility issues and even end-to-end testing from the user’s point of view.


One of the prime advantages we leverage while customizing the open source Selenium network for your business is the fast automation it offers.

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