Real Estate

Real estate business is rising to the forefront of the big data market place; with the recent boom in new housing projects and larger population migration to the cities, building firms are churning out large volumes of data across vast geographies. From a rapidly growing customer pool to more lofty goals and products, real estate promises to deliver an unprecedented growth rate in the coming years.

Smooth shifting of business operations to the digital platform of the industry 4.0 is another big challenge posed to the real estate market both locally and globally. In this period of technological transition, it remains vital for businesses to focus on running core models while maintaining a level growth thought that suits the real estate pattern.

Supra in Real Estate

For its modern real estate landscape to pan out, every business must cross two focal milestones: fast expansion while maintaining core business values and a powerful IT technology backing partner. Matching your passion for your business, Supra puts its service where its mouth is: we possess an unparalleled combination of deep expertise in big data handling and managed IT services which puts us in a unique place to offer multi-purpose scalable IT solutions for the dynamic real estate market.

Application Services

Apart from this we offer powerful application services as well which allow for seamless communication and real-time interaction with your real estate projects making implementation and expansion smoother.

Business Analytics

Getting to know the customer base and their needs and requirements is a vital but oft overlooked part of building a successful business, especially in the real estate market which possess a dynamic consumer base.

We provide powerful analytical solutions which provide a categorized and exhaustive list of project undertakings and business models allowing you to dissect the market and develop a deeper understanding of the consumer strata.

Retaining Mobility with Supra

One of the biggest challenges in effectuating business in the real estate market is the limited mobility this style of work brings. Our industry standard mobility solutions help you to rise above geographical problems of say an employee having to return to offices for administration/business purposes, increasing on-site productivity.

At Supra, we understand the challenges that the setting up and nurturing of a real estate ecosystem brings. Whether it’s developers or tenants, agents or building inspectors, technology must support each player in the real estate environment unequivocally. That’s why we believe the key to unlock smooth coherence amongst all these is the unmatched mobility we offer in our mobile managed IT services.

Industries Services


We participate in knowledge and technology transfers to promote the resource use.

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