Planning and Budgeting

Oracle Planning Deployment Made Flexible

Supra ES understands that every organization has different priorities when it comes to choosing the features and capabilities it needs from Oracle Planning, Oracle Budgeting, and Oracle EPM Forecasting. Our approach to EPM cloud planning allows you to ramp up at your own pace with a modular approach. You can adopt Oracle’s cloud-based planning solutions for both your immediate and future reporting requirements so you can adapt quickly as your business environment changes.

We tailor EPM cloud planning solutions for a variety of industries and their increasingly complex planning and budgeting processes, including healthcare, education, government and the public sector. By tapping into the capabilities of Oracle Planning, Oracle Budgeting, and Oracle EPM Forecasting that best suit your business needs, Supra ES reduces your implementation costs with a packaged solution. You gain increased financial visibility so you can improve forecast accuracy, significantly shrink planning and budgeting cycles, and reduce how much time you spend reports and budgets while also improving their accuracy.

By ramping up fast with Oracle’s best practice modules, Supra ES can kickstart Oracle EPM Forecasting that connects financial and operational planning for financial statement planning, project financial planning, capital asset planning and workforce planning. Through deployment of these purpose-built, out-of-the box modules, we can help you reduce your ongoing IT costs, quickly deliver new applications, and leverage existing IT assets while optimizing new investments through with seamless integration with ERP and other systems.

Plan, Budget and Forecast Better with Supra ES

Supra ES’ approach to EPM cloud planning enables you to build innovative, new business processes with the capabilities of Oracle Planning, Oracle Budgeting, Oracle EPM Forecasting as your foundation while ensuring consistent security with market-leading technology.