Oracle Integration Cloud Services

Bring On-Premise, SaaS and PaaS Together

Supra ES builds a bridge between your cloud applications—both SaaS and on-premise applications—through well-honed frameworks, best practices and toolsets that comprise our foundation for delivering Oracle Integration Cloud Services. We can cost-effectively build extensions into PaaS to a variety of common SaaS applications, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and (HCM) Human Capital Management.

We bring together years of experience and a wide breadth of knowledge to help our customers extend and connect on-premise and SaaS applications via PaaS by leveraging prebuilt solutions to connect applications, data, APIs, and processes. Our Oracle Integration Cloud Services keep security top of mind by seamlessly implementing both single sign-on or two-factor authentication as required guided by robust role-based security controls across different applications.

We begin the integration journey by identifying the applications you want to integrate and creating a roadmap to quickly and cost-effectively configure and connect with pre-built adapters. From there, integrations can be as simple as dragging and dropping connections into the designer tell the Oracle integration cloud service how to map data. From there, you can test, activate and implement your integrations and monitor them through a single dashboard.

Supra ES Oracle Integration Cloud Services enable customers to easily migrate workloads from either on-premise to the cloud or non-Oracle to Oracle Cloud, including applications, databases and virtual machines.

Simplified application connectivity

Whether it’s on-premise or SaaS, Supra ES can connect your application by leveraging PaaS, whether it’s Oracle cloud or non-Oracle cloud. We leverage Oracle Integration Cloud Services to help you easily integrate applications faster with a comprehensive portfolio of pre-built connectors for common scenarios that eliminate the need for manual coding. We simplify connectivity between key applications with enterprise grade security and governance capabilities without sacrificing agility.