Oracle Hyperion Overview

Get A Consolidated Financial Picture with Oracle Hyperion

Consolidating financial and operating results within today’s complex organizations requires more than spreadsheets. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management helps business pull the necessary data from multiple transactional systems without the need for the IT department. CFOs and business leaders can improve their consolidation and reporting process and reduce internal control risks to create single version of the truth to guide strategic and operational management decisions.

Unite Multiple Systems Under Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

Supra ES helps organizations of all sizes and industries gain a single, real-time view of financial and operational results. We integrate data from multiple systems under Oracle Hyperion Financial Management so financial managers can deliver financial and non-financial analysis to the C-suite to support.

We help businesses take advantage of Oracle Hyperion’s purpose-built features so they can build a foundation for sustainable compliance and meet various stringent regulatory reporting obligations.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management offers several key benefits:

Significantly reduce consolidation and reporting cycles and focus more on forward-looking activities by minimizing the need to enter, check, and double-check actual results thanks to optimization and automation.
Gain a single view of your financial picture with maximum internal and external transparency by reducing and replacing manual control procedures with automated and preventative controls that in turn shrink processing and auditing costs.
Combine financial and non-financial results for deeper view into performance metrics and consolidated information across business lines and departments to gather more intelligence around product, brand, and customer.
Oracle Hyperion Financial Management lets you be more confident in your numbers with complete audit trails, controls, internal review and certifications, workflows and validations so you can automatically produce cash flow statements.
Account for multiple contingencies by using Oracle Hyperion Financial Management to easily incorporate changing assumptions and facts through dynamic consolidation and reporting on all financial budgets, forecasts, and plans that will update accordingly.

Oracle Hyperion planning that keeps you ahead of the curve

Let Supra ES help you join several thousand other organizations that use Oracle Hyperion Financial Management to navigate complexity with highly accurate, consolidated financial reporting that reduces compliance costs and enables you to pass audits with flying colors.