Oracle DBA

Oracle DBA

In today’s globalized scenario of big data generation and movement, every business needs some form of database management. Oracle implementations form a major chunk of relational database engines in use today.

After getting your database and servers set up, you’re most probably looking for someone to manage the general bedlam. This is where our handpicked DBAs come in play with an expert capacity to manage your data securely and efficiently.

Why go for an Oracle DBA?

Speed Up Your Workflows

In a busy business, keeping data clean and healthy is often overlooked, which clogs up SOPs, administration, employee productivity and other business processes. A standardized way to maintain clean and crisp data will speed up workflows and save time in a touch-and-go environment.

24x7 Availability

In today’s globalized business scene, data needs to be available outside business hours as well; for example, working on e-commerce platforms, inventory checks, smooth bookkeeping, or working across time zones. Maintaining a database that delivers a 24x7 business uptime needs a robust database administration.

Data Security

Another definite plus is the level of security you get by deploying your data management under an Oracle DBA. Strong encryption combined with authentication, authorization and auditing ensure that only legitimate users are allowed access to sensitive data.

The A to Z of a SupraES Implementation

Installation, Patching and Upgrades

After a successful installation service, we make sure your machines remain up-to-date with routine check-ups to patch up the latest upgrades without compromising system stability and security.

Database Monitoring

Monitoring and tuning a database to deliver optimal performance is a crucial milestone to check when you’re working with a database management system. Our proactive management and analysis of the workload running against the database helps identify and troubleshoot any issues that need attention.

Performance Checks and Maintenance

Routine and on-demand database monitoring make sure Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) reports are reviewed and acted upon to identify performance bottlenecks and shorten wait events to deliver optimal performance.

Backup and Recovery

In the event of a disaster, server attack, data corruption, or other loss we make sure you don’t lose crucial data by regularly checking on important parts of the database such as datafiles and/or control files, ensuring a smooth cold, hot or logical backup depending on what your needs are.

Managed end-to-end Services

Everything right from designing your database to providing an extensive chassis for building customized scalable (Oracle RAC) solutions: we deliver a true end-to-end experience so that you don’t have to rush to different providers for all the nuances of a systemic database administration.

The Bottom Line

While not strictly necessary, here’s a look at what investing in an Oracle DBA delivers:

  • Tuning of database objects for a quicker response time.
  • Specialization in big data extraction, transformation and loading.
  • Reducing data redundancy while enhancing database performance.
  • Ability to handle greater volume of data with excellent Oracle RAC scalability.
  • System security, user access monitoring and data archiving.

Furthermore, inducting your data into the Oracle ecosystem also lends a greater stability and security to your databases with trusted software patches and our expert Oracle DBAs overlooking handling of all facets of database management.