Moving Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Made Easy

A Detailed, Clear Plan for Moving Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud

Backed by deep knowledge and expertise of Oracle EBS, SupraES helps clear the path to successfully migrating Oracle EBS to the Oracle Cloud that considers your entire application and supporting environment, including customizations. Our Oracle EBS to cloud migration methodology fully lifts and shifts your Oracle EBS from hardware in your own data center to a secure Oracle cloud environment.

SupraES migrates Oracle EBS to the Oracle Cloud by creating a roadmap that includes all your Oracle EBS applications, databases and customizations so nothing is left behind when moving Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud—unless they’re no longer needed. As part of our process, we take the time to examine your entire environment and make recommendations as to what you should keep and what you should leave behind, such as customizations that are no longer being used.

By understanding where you are and what you should take with you, we outline a new architecture for migrating Oracle EBS to the Oracle Cloud, complete with a total cost of ownership/return on investment calculation that cements confidence in your decision. From there we create a timeline for moving Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud that reflects the realities of your business, so you have clear lift and shift roadmap to the cloud that accounts for any and all workloads you want to move.

Succeed with Oracle B-Business Suite at Your Own Pace

Whether you’re looking to make the full leap and move your entire Oracle EBS deployment to the Oracle Cloud, or migrate incrementally, SupraES can lay out an achievable roadmap and timeline to get you there. You can stay on or move to Oracle to Oracle eBusiness (R12), leveraging the benefits of the Oracle Cloud through deployment of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). No matter the route you choose, SupraES can meet your requirements for availability, scalability security, control and compliance within your Oracle E-Business Suite environment.