In this age of hyper-connectivity, the extensivity of media becomes more pronounced as businesses and individuals alike look for faster and more reliable channels of communication. The world is becoming smaller as the outreach of global communications grows to bear a stronger resemblance of its name.

In fact, from the advent of the internet in the 90s to more than 20 years later today, the field of media and communication has seen massive growth in terms of both coverage and number of active users. Information flow is getting broader and more directed at the same time, ranging from machine learning applied in personalized advertising to online stores cultivated around the digital routines of the consumer.

With over a billion daily users, the internet looks to replace television and radio as the most popular means of communication. Moreover, rapid advancements being made in IoT (Internet of Things) and other facets of Deep Tech such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are rewriting how we consume information on a daily basis. Emergence of these technologies points to a radical new shift in the media experience, say from quite simply reading sports news to immersing oneself in a live match itself from thousands of miles away.

While the media industry was one of the earliest adopters of the digital revolution, it still remains to realize its true cybernated outreach. We believe all the modern renovations in the technological landscape point to the consolidation of the internet as the front seat of global communications.

SupraES in Media

SupraES helps you remain at the forefront of the digital revolution of today. With integral IT support for all forms of media industries, whether it be entertainment, advertising or news platforms, we develop full scale end-user solutions so that our clients can provide the best customer experience while retaining the excellent after-service the name of SupraES brings

Many entertainment firms, news outlets or gaming platforms are looking to upgrade their end-user targeting and experience to a more expansive network in the face of the digital revolution and this is where our decades of experience in erecting new software infrastructures comes in handy.

At SupraES we believe in making our and our client’s businesses future-proof which is backed by our versatile service and support teams customized according to each one of your project needs. Leveraging our extensive IT network and modern outlook into machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), we weave together powerful new and established systems to deliver a tangible solution helping you realize the power of the digital for your business, whether it be entertainment, gaming, advertising or publishing.