MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack

Mean stack development is rising to the forefront of JavaScript based application development especially in server and client-side execution environments while modernizing web application development. It employs four chief collection of technologies to provide a wholesome full stack development environment.

Switching your operations platform from OS-based to JavaScript-based saves time and resources while providing a providing a better and smoother platform for achieving OS independence. At SupraES, we aim to utilize these Mean Stack implementations to ensure powerful delivery of full-scale applications.

With daily improvements and newer implementations, Mean stack promises to grow to be one of the most widely used frameworks in cutting-edge application development.


MongoDB is a powerful database management system and makes data flow between client and servers more streamlined. We employ its notable easy scalability arising from cross-platform database systems and work in tandem with its high-performance based network to take a strong step towards data integration and distribution.


Capitalizing on Ruby frameworks, we leverage its back-end functionality to provide solid multipage web applications implementations for our clients.


Eliminating unwanted clutter is an important aspect of application development. Angular.js helps you to display and utilize your application components coherently while maintaining a two-way data binding workflow.


Leveraging its cross-platform runtime environment, we enable smooth integration and communications between front and back-end development environments while providing managed server-side data services