From the first industry upheaval of the 1850s to the advent of the transistor, we’ve witnessed three major revolutions in commerce, each more groundbreaking than the one before. Now, in the 21st century we teeter at the edge of the fourth revolution: the industry 4.0 which promises to deliver powerful firepower as it looks to iron out the creases between the different folds of modern technology.

The art of manufacturing has been the epicenter of each revolution; especially recognized when the Ford line-up of mass producing the first Model T’s came out. Efficient mass production of software and hardware is a daunting challenge and many businesses falter at this stage of expansion due to inefficient strategy or weak infrastructure implementation to cope with scaling the business.


Applications of IoT in the manufacturing industry are exciting; seamless communication through the internet between the various parts of an assembly line look to enable a faster and more efficient output.

Applications of IoT in the manufacturing market and our expertise in Deep Tech present powerful opportunities for you to consolidate your business into a sounder practice.

SupraES in Manufacturing

At SupraES, we aim to make your business future-proof and bring manufacturers the cream of the fast-developing 4.0 culture coupled with efficient service and deep expertise in all facets of manufacturing infrastructure. Deep knowledge across all fields of manufacturing management enables us to make collaborations between customers, suppliers and your business more efficient allowing your business to accelerate to more inclusive heights.

We help in streamlining your goals so they are met with the precision that the years of expertise at SupraES bring. A strong technical know-how woven with our future-proof work culture makes us a strong partner to consult with on all factors involving manufacturing services. We possess a strong portfolio of manufacturing and IT services which include:

  • Strong systems and network support
  • Business uptime services
  • End user computing services
  • Application services

At SupraES, we believe in maintaining a future-centric growth which has enabled us to scale deep into this field. We focus on making technology work for your business so you can focus on modernizing and developing innovative ways to deliver education.