Automated testing has seen fast growth in web application developments; with rapid digitization of the modern economy, a larger number of businesses are looking to leverage the rapid industry automation towards smarter reallocation of their human and fiscal resources.
Adapting to changing client requirements, we make sure to capitalize on the latest technology developments to bring you a cream-of-the-crop Supra experience. Keeping this in mind, our Katalon environment is expertly crafted around the robust Selenium interface.
Designed to deliver a catered testing and dry-run experience, our Katalon portfolio is the go-to package for clients looking for a simpler UI while still delivering Selenium’s open source power.

Intuitive Automation

Alike Selenium, the Katalon Studio also provides a powerful scalable automated testing platform. Overcoming the disadvantages of the orthodox manual testing methods, we help build powerful testing frameworks customized

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Automation Testing Services