Fusion Supply Chain Management

Be an Industry 4.0 Leader with Oracle SCM Cloud

Oracle SCM recognizes that supply chain rules are changing regularly in response to buyer expectations, new regulations, shorter product lifecycles and fluctuating demand. Traditional supply chain solutions can''t keep up...

Modern procurement

Standardize, streamline and automate the source-to-pay process. As part of Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle Procurement Cloud enables you to control costs by helping you select the best suppliers, manage supplier risk and enforce policy. The result is a more effective and efficient procurement organization.

Forward thinking product lifecycle management

Oracle SCM Cloud recognizes that product lifecycle management must go beyond the purview of the engineer and be integrated with the end-to-end supply chain. Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud weaves a digital thread across the entire product lifecycle and value chain to accelerate time to market, improve quality and reduce costs.

Optimize transportation across all modes

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management pulls together all the information you need to make smart decisions to fulfill transportation needs, whether it’s simple point-to-point or complex multimodal, multileg, and cross-dock operations. You can identify historical shipping patterns and determine optimal asset utilization and execute fleet-specific planning and optimization.

Build a future proof supply chain

Leverage tight supply chain integration, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and machine learning to simplify shop floor execution, optimize real-time decisions, and control quality and cost with Oracle Manufacturing Cloud, which allows you to work and be compliant globally.

Expand Your Capabilities with an Experienced Oracle SCM Consultant

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management gives you immediate access to state-of-the-art planning enhancements via automated cloud updates so that you can streamline your supply chain and manufacturing process by integrating emerging technology. As your Oracle SCM consultant, SupraES can architect your Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management Cloud to optimize decisions and automate transactions across the organization while driving down benefits to the shop floor.