Financial Accounting Hub Overview

Reconcile Every Transaction with Oracle Financials Accounting Hub

Many organizations using an Oracle financials system still have data that sits in non-Oracle subledgers. Supra ES helps these businesses with their Oracle Financials Accounting Hub implementation so it can effectively use accounting events in non-Oracle subledgers that have a financial impact to generate journals, effectively allowing them to use Oracle’s Subledger Accounting engine to transfer these third-party journals to Oracle General Ledger.

Access Any Subledger

Supra ES enables organizations to adopt Oracle Financials Accounting Hub as their accounting engine for any subledger, configuring it to provide users with an efficient and compliant financial system that is central and auditable for external and legacy systems.

Our Oracle Financials Accounting Hub implementation enables you to reduce the average time you spend collecting and analyzing financial information, including operational data, so you have a complete, real-time view of your financial picture. Through Fusion Financial Reporting Center, Oracle Financials Accounting Hub provides a single view with features such as General Accounting Dashboard, Account Monitor, Account Inspector, Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio, and Oracle Hyperion Smart View.

Oracle Financials Accounting Hub enables secure distribution of pre-published and live financial reports for permissions-based, user self-serve access—they can drill down from a live report and perform multi-dimensional analysis. This is made possible because Oracle Financials Accounting Hub links GL to SLA Journals and provides subledger details, including Identifiers and Descriptions, Event Model, and Supporting References. Businesses can use these collected details to reconcile the transactions/records between GL and SLA. By providing an accounting representation closely tied to the originating transaction, the subledger accounting capabilities in Oracle Financials Accounting Hub facilitates drill-down, third party control accounts, subledger reporting, and supporting references.

Audit and Comply with a Complete Financial Picture

Supra ES enables customers of all sizes and industries to access a complete set of accounting tools and unparalleled access to financial data through Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub, enabling organizations to comply with fiscal subledger accounting and detailed audit regulations in countries where accounting must be supported by the source document.