Enterprise Performance Management Overview

Gain Insight with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, hence the need for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software that helps you gain critical insight so you can manage forward for success in a dynamic, competitive business landscape. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management enables you to understand, analyze, and accurately report on your business. Whether it’s for your finance department or other functional departments such as IT, sales and marketing or HR, Supra ES can help you fully leverage Enterprise Performance Management software for your budgeting, reporting and operational planning needs.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management That Units Every Line of Business

Supra ES helps you complement your enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management by effectively integrating it to draw insight from operational data. This enables you to better run your business on a day-to-day basis by implementing performance improvements across all functional areas.

When spearheaded by your CFO and finance team, Enterprise Performance Management software corrals business processes, including planning, strategic modeling, plan, consolidation and closing, reporting, and performance analysis.

Enterprise performance management streamlines financial close and reporting so you can adapt quickly to an ever-changing regulatory environment while meeting the needs and concerns of all stakeholders.
Take advantage of automation to efficiently manage and improve global account reconciliation while also addressing any process-related security and risk.
To be truly effective, planning can no longer be done solely within siloed departments. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management enables integrated planning that seamlessly connects your entire organization to realize a unified vision going forward, with accurate and agile forecasts across all lines of business.
Oracle Enterprise Performance Management enables you to balance corporate reporting and tax reporting requirements so you can comply with evolving tax laws. Fully integrate the processes, data, and metadata shared by finance and tax, including financial planning and close, and regulatory reporting.
Enterprise Performance Management reduces the need for multiple reporting systems to ensure accurate, complete, and current information in all reporting, so all standards and compliance requirements are met.
Oracle Enterprise Performance Management provides a platform that ensures data accuracy and integrity during major business and financial transformation, application migration to the cloud, or application management in a hybrid cloud environment.
Gain insight into true costs and drive profit margins by leveraging insight from Enterprise Performance Management to guide smart investment of limited resources.

Link Metrics to Drive Competitive Advantage and Profitability

Enterprise Performance Management software is essential for any organization in any industry that wants to link financial and operational metrics to gain insight that drives competitive advantage. Whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud, Supra ES can help you optimize Oracle Enterprise Performance Management to drive performance improvements against key metrics across all lines of business and achieve more profitable outcomes.


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