Enterprise Performance Management

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Enterprise Performance Management

Gain Insight with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, hence the need for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software that helps you gain critical insight so you can manage forward for success in a dynamic, competitive business landscape. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management enables you to understand, analyze, and accurately report on your business. Whether it’s for your finance department or other functional departments such as IT, sales and marketing or HR, SupraES can help you fully leverage Enterprise Performance Management software for your budgeting, reporting and operational planning needs.

Planning and Budgeting
Forge a Clear Path with EPM Cloud Planning

Businesses today can no longer rely on traditional spreadsheets and department-oriented planning processes. Planning, budgeting and forecasting EPM cloud planning software that unifies the entire organization with modules that support agile forecasting every line of business no matter the industry. SupraES helps customers respond to change faster and more effectively with through integrated deployment of Oracle Planning, Oracle Budgeting, and Oracle EPM Forecasting capabilities.

Oracle Hyperion

SupraES helps organizations of all sizes and industries gain a single, real-time view of financial and operational results. We integrate data from multiple systems under Oracle Hyperion Financial Management so financial managers can deliver financial and non-financial analysis to the C-suite to support.

We help businesses take advantage of Oracle Hyperion’s purpose-built features so they can build a foundation for sustainable compliance and meet various stringent regulatory reporting obligations.

Financial Accounting Hub

SupraES enables organizations to adopt Oracle Financials Accounting Hub as their accounting engine for any subledger, configuring it to provide users with an efficient and compliant financial system that is central and auditable for external and legacy systems.

Our Oracle Financials Accounting Hub implementation enables you to reduce the average time you spend collecting and analyzing financial information, including operational data, so you have a complete, real-time view of your financial picture. Through Fusion Financial Reporting Center, Oracle Financials Accounting Hub provides a single view with features such as General Accounting Dashboard, Account Monitor, Account Inspector, Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio, and Oracle Hyperion Smart View.

Oracle Business Intelligence Integration

Our approach to Oracle BI integration encompasses not only software and databases, but also emerging technology such artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide customers with governed, centralized, and self-service analytics.

By integrating emerging technologies, Oracle Analytics ensures that organizations do not have to compromise between them, but instead, combines these three powerful forces into a single solution. The Oracle Business Intelligence system’s logical architecture includes a single integrated set of manageable components called the Oracle BI domain and these components can be installed and configured to run in tandem on a single host or clustered across multiple hosts for better availability and performance.