Advancing technology and faster innovation aim to renovate the way we look at the electronic commerce business. Moreover, with broader coverages and the upgraded 5G network already rolled out in many parts of the world, industries of communication and commerce are getting revitalized to make the interconnected world a smaller place.

Significant breakthroughs in internet and related technologies finds a multitude of implementations in the modern commerce set up. We at Supra look to exploit these advancements as we preserve our futuristic vision by investing in training and expert upscaling to craft the perfect team for our clients'' business requirements.

Partnering with us provides an upscale platform for your e-commerce business to diversify into the various subcultures in this field. We possess a powerful IT services portfolio which enables us to cater to the infrastructural requisites of modernizing or setting up your business.

Managed IT services

E-commerce remains one of the fastest expanding industries in the modern workspace and along with this positive growth comes a pressure to ensure a strong IT network to backup all the logistic and infrastructural upscaling that expansion brings.

Website and application development

Experience in web design and development along with powerful delivered solutions such as the Atomic North portal, we understand our client''s needs and deliver a crafted solution that suits perfectly; partnering with us ensures perfect delivery of your online commerce platforms. We also possess deep expertise in iOS and Android application development so that a ubiquitous presence is ensured for your e-commerce business across all platforms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our powerful SEO tools make sure your top-performing products find the eyes of your relevant clients while driving increased traffic to your online presence.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT helps machines and automated mechanisms talk between themselves over the internet transforming gritty business communications into an easier workflow.

With machines getting more interconnected and development of ever faster communication channels, IoT is a focal point around which all B2B and B2C commerce will revolve. A fridge can place orders for groceries, mainframe systems can inter-communicate to ease up transactions and smoothen out gritty background processes and smaller companies can bring down human resource costs.

Supra in IoT

Skilled team building and a work culture laden with forward thinking puts us in a unique position to be one of the few firms with decades of managed IT services experience to back up our IoT service portfolio. Our keen understanding of modern technology enables us to cater to the unique requirements of the B2B and B2C market alike.