Deep Tech

Faster scaling, more efficient operations, higher security and its innate ability to play around with big data.


Why Deep Tech?

Whether it’s a startup looking to grow or a larger business looking to modernize, the prospects Deep Tech offers are unprecedented. Faster scaling, more efficient operations, higher security and its innate ability to play around with big data are some major plus points. Also due to its highly innovative infrastructures and lengthy R&D programs, Deep Tech also provides a strong barrier to entry, meaning underlying technology or innovation proves hard to be reproduced by competition.

From testing for fake drug samples in less than 20 seconds to constructing Hyperloops, Deep Tech has driven a point home to every industry: it’s the next big step in industrial revolutions, as big as the internet if not bigger.

Another major plus point Deep Tech has going for it is that its applications reach far and wide: from healthcare to aviation, from gaming to agriculture, Deep Tech is deemed to form the backbone of the nascent industry 4.0.

Investment in Deep Tech

Conventionally, seeking funds for proper research and development of their product has proven to be an uphill task for Deep Tech startups owing to the relatively lesser number of investors with domain expertise in this field.

Applications of Deep Tech


This new mode of public travel has only been able to be conceptualized due to the recent recognition of Deep Tech products have been receiving.

(1) - Drug Testing

Scanning a drug sample with specific wavelengths of radiation and running it against a verified database with the help of AI to verify its originality: all in less than 20 seconds. Already an up and running product, it’s aiding many, especially in the poorer regions of the world, to receive quality healthcare.

(2) - Architecture

VR and AR are robust emerging sub-fields in Deep Tech culture. Their application can help design residential/official architecture in full 360-degree views of the final building. 2D blueprints might as well become a thing of the past in the upcoming decade.

SupraES in Deep Tech

We provide intelligent enterprise solutions that leverage the various facets of Deep Tech like AI, machine learning, data science and blockchain management. Business expertise in harnessing the powerful technologies of Deep Tech coupled with strong managerial know-how puts us in a great position to provide efficient deliverables towards your enterprise needs.