Data Science & Machine Learning

In comes Data Science

Data science involves a conglomeration of exploratory data analysis, machine learning and data product engineering. Gaining fast traction in the past few years, its efficient and self-correcting (predictive) forms of data analysis give it an edge over orthodox forms of data handling.

Looking into organized and modelled data through the telescope of data science helps big and small businesses alike to understand their customers better. A plethora of usage patterns modelled into a working operative helps businesses take their next step for expansion, tapping into new demographics or revamping a product to suit customer needs.

R Programming for Data Science

R and Python are two high-level programming languages and are the most often used languages coded for data science and machine learning.

Data cleaning and transformation are important pre-requisites before attempting to build an operative model. R is the most widely employed programming language for this purpose.

It is a powerful language used for statistical analysis and data handling. It has many dynamic libraries which help in making data cleaning, transforming and visualization much faster. Building predictive data models is a particular strong suit in R.