Database Vault 19c Certified with EBS 12.2

by Ashish kumar
May 21, 2020

Built upon the existing EBS 12.2 framework, the Oracle Database Vault is a powerful security management tool developed to protect databases and privileged information from unrestricted access. Sensitive data and database objects are padlocked in digital vaults with access lent only when specific conditions are met.

The latest release of the Oracle Database Vault 19c enables a smoother integration of your organizational data towards a more secure setup within the latest release of E-Business Suite.

It develops easier communication channels between the application user, the database and the Database Analyst through secure mediums of information flow powered by the digitized Oracle Database Vault system.

Key Business Benefits

Preventing Sensitive Data Exposure

The Oracle Database Vault provides built-in controls for cost-efficient compliances routes, segregation of duties and access control provisions of HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS and other regulations. It leverages strong anti-theft and anti-accidental exposure algorithms to prevent leak of audit findings, trade information, and other sensitive data.

Managing User Access to Databases

The Oracle Database also implements preventive controls to prevent unauthorized access to privileged data within the particular data silo. With different levels of user and DBA privilege, it makes access to confidential data is dispensed at a suitable scale.

Building Efficient Environments

With application-specific protection policies for your Fusion applications or Oracle EBS applications, the Database Vault provides for a solid foundation to build secure repositories resulting in fast and clean communication between the data and the users.

Mitigate Business Risks

Upon detecting external attacks, the Oracle Database Vault allows you to enforce operational controls inside the database to lockdown the configuration from potential threats and mitigate the business risks of sensitive data breaches.

Key Features

Preventing Privilege Misuse

The Oracle Database Vault creates powerful secular ‘realms’ within your database preventing unauthorized access to application data while maintaining a rigid database structure. This means even users with direct object grants, including the object owner, are only provided with restricted access to the whole of the database.

Setting Up Efficient Production Environments

The Oracle Database Vault helps prevent detrimental changes propagated by human error or even unauthorized access to the production environment within your Oracle EBS setup.

Powerful Anti-Theft Algorithms

Even in worst case scenarios of stolen credentials or transaction passwords, the Oracle Database Vault puts up a robust wall of security by defining a singular trusted path between the application user and the database, essentially locking out external hampering of sensitive data.

Database Operations Controls

Utilizing vault operations controls, the Oracle Database Vault setup makes sure infrastructure DBAs or multi-tenant container administrators are only provided with restricted data from pluggable databases, thus maintaining streamlined workflows within secure realms.

Operating in Simulation Mode

The Oracle Database Vault also enables you to quickly verify security controls on custom and packaged applications by running the database application in simulation mode.

Securing Your Data with SupraES

With SupraES, moving over from the orthodox norms of data protection and security towards an uplifted industry standard has never been easier.

We help you take the first step towards aggressive digitization with our robust Oracle-enabled services portfolio. With a modern zeal for implementing the latest technologies for our clients, we help you pave the way towards a more coherent and efficient data management and security system.

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Database Vault 19c Certified with EBS 12.2

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