Making Education Tech-led Amidst COVID-19

by Meera Sachdeva
May 28, 2020

Making Education Tech-led Amidst COVID-19

Having spread to virtually every country, to say that the novel coronavirus has severely disrupted global livelihoods would be an understatement. Entire industries have come to a grinding halt in these hard times.

The COVID-19 spread has changed the face of education dramatically with emergence of unorthodox virtual classrooms and extensive e-learning platforms.

In the face of these ever-changing struggles, erecting a strong technological setup in the education sector has given thousands a vision towards realizing a classroom of the future. And at the center sits a robust digital online architecture allowing worldwide access to quality education.

Learning Never Stops

As social distancing becomes the new norm, digital platforms and supportive tools aim to bring us closer than ever. Advances in vast online interconnectivity have served as essential keys towards implementing large scale online education.

Rising to the Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to schools and colleges being shut down all over the world. Through swift implementation of online learning solutions, decisive steps have been taken to ensure that learning never stops.

Many modern setups have risen to meet the demands of inclusive learning, course coverage and scalable classroom sizes in extensive packages which include customizable teaching resources, virtual support staff and smooth one-to-one communication platforms.

E-learning with Virtual Classrooms

  • Powerful teaching and collaboration resources like Zoom Meetings, MS Teams and Google Meet have helped deliver a virtual brick-and-mortar experience to the modern stay-at-home classroom.

  • These days distance learning has become the new norm as many e-learning firms like BJYUs, Udemy and Khan Academy have taken active steps towards ramping up their global server infrastructure to increase load capabilities in tandem with the increased traffic to their platforms.

What’s the Future?

The coronavirus outbreak has planted doubts into the actual effectiveness of a brick-and-mortar classroom or even a workplace. Rest assured, with rapid advances in the industry the education scene will continuously evolve to provide a more effective and interactive platform for the modern learner.

Introduction of Deep Tech

Moreover, with the upcoming introduction of 5G, orthodox education looks to be completely overthrown with VR and AR leading the drive of setting up a powerful virtual environment.

Building the Future

Even before the outbreak, the education industry saw large investments being made to ensure a stronger technology-enabled future with the global market predicted to cross over $350 billion by 2025.

While COVID-19 has been a setback in the rapid advances being made in education and online classroom technology, it has also helped accelerate building the digital infrastructure required for the future.

Whether the changes are brought about today or in the next 5 years, one thing is for certain: modern education and learning will never remain the same.

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