Oracle Application Framework accelerates development and user adoption

SupraES helps its customers leverage the Oracle Application Framework by building on decades of experience developing applications using object-oriented approaches, Java J2EE technologies and a vast knowledge of Oracle applications. Our Oracle ADF development teams collaborate with customers to help them design and rapidly build applications that not only meet business needs but offer a user experience that maximizes adoption.

Because Oracle ADF is a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework for creating Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications, it works across different platforms and enables developers to re-use the services and security solutions for desktop, web and mobile applications. With a library of more than 150 components, Oracle ADF supports rapid full-stack development and testing—further customization can be done as necessary.

Further expediating the development process is Oracle ADF Business Components, which allows developers to rapidly build out basic functionality by using of pre-made code modules. These are further enhanced by its visual UI editing, and together help less experienced developers and those new to the project make valuable contributions without a steep learning curve. Another time-saving feature of the Business Components feature is that it handles discrete sections of functionality and common tasks, such as error messaging, connecting to databases, and validating data before it’s written to the database.

By leveraging Oracle ADF in collaboration with SupraES, you can ramp up projects quick and reduce the overall time building applications when compared with other frameworks. This ultimately allows you to focus efforts on coding functionality specific to the application while also having confidence that they are secure as Java EE Security is there by default.

Securely ramp up app development with Oracle ADF

SupraES leverages the Oracle Application Framework with reusability in mind with an emphasis on taking advantage of open standards, knowing that there will always be another application down the road that needs to be built quickly to address a pressing business challenge.