Acrostic Poems: All About Me Personally and my things that are favorite

Acrostic Poems: All About Me Personally and my things that are favorite


    find words that start with the letters in their own personal names, making use of many different sources word that is including and online dictionaries.

produce two acrostic poems.

revise poems as required, for meaning and conventions.

share their poems with classmates.

  • complete a self-assessment that is reflective.
  • Session One: Introduction and Modeling with Teacher Title

    1. Get ready for the session by loading the Little Explorers Picture Dictionary on computers.

    Show the letter/word matrix and blank chart paper side-by-side on a surface that is flat.

    Browse and show some poems that are acrostic pupils, utilizing the examples which you have actually plumped for through the Resources part or even the booklist.

    Gather students and explain that they can allow you to compose a poem utilizing the letters in your title, and you also require them to assist you think about some terms.

    On chart paper, compose your very own name that is first along the remaining part, in order that each page could be the very first page associated with very very first term of just one line. Make sure to repeat this while watching pupils (instead of ahead of time), so your format that is starting be modeled when it comes to pupils.

    Have pupils see the letters aloud, beginning towards the top.

    Then write your title while the verb “is” on top line, utilizing the very first page. For example, i might compose, “Renee is.”

    Ask pupils to recommend some terms which start out with the letter that is next that may explain you.

    Write all appropriate suggested statements on the letter/word matrix and explain that the chart is likely to be a term bank the entire class can make use of.

    If no-one can show up with an appropriate word, make reference to the internet dictionary for many tips. Show students how to find listings of terms by hitting a page. Read more